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The Bearings’Crack Defect damage, cause analysis and solutions

Bearings cannot be directly observed during operation, but abnormalities can be detected through noise, vibration, temperature, lubricant consumption and other conditions. At this time, you should check and analyze the cause of the failure in time to avoid greater losses. This article shares 11 representative cases of bearing damage for everyone to investigate in their work.

There are cracks in part of the notch.

Reasons: the impact load of the host is too large, and the interference between the spindle and the bearing is large; there are also large peeling frictions that cause cracks; poor accuracy during installation; improper use (using a copper hammer, jamming large foreign objects) and friction cracks.

Solution: Check the conditions of use, set appropriate interference and check the material; improve the installation and use methods, and check the lubricant to prevent friction cracks

The Bearings’Crack Defect damage, cause analysis and solutions

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