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The use characteristics of shearer bearings

The bearing mechanism of the shearer is an important mechanism for the operation of the equipment, which has an important impact on the safety of the equipment operation and the development of coal mining operations. Due to the influence of the working environment of the shearer, the bearing mechanism of the shearer is always in a harsh operating environment, which also causes frequent occurrence of the failure of the bearing mechanism of the shearer. Lack of bearing lubrication and oil leakage due to harsh environment are common faults. Bearing oil leakage and lack of lubrication will cause the shearer to run unsmoothly, cause the temperature of the bearing mechanism to rise abnormally, seriously affect the safe operation of the shearer, and endanger the safety of coal mining operations. Therefore, strengthening the lubrication maintenance and oil leakage control of the shearer bearings is the focus of equipment maintenance in modern coal mining enterprises.

The mainly Model of Inched Tapered Roller Bearing that be used in Shearer machine is as below

HM259049/10D , M255449/10D , HH221447/10D , 8578/8520CD , LM654462/LM654410CD , 67787/67720D, EE333140/197 , LM961548/11 , L163149/L163110 , 28880/28820 , EE203136/EE203190 , JHM534149/10 and ect


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