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Electrically Insulated Bearing

Electrically insulated bearings use a special spraying process to spray high-quality coating on the outer surface of the bearing. The coating has a strong bond with the substrate and has good insulation performance. It can avoid the electric corrosion effect of the induced current on the bearing and prevent the current from affecting the grease and rolling elements. , The damage caused by the raceway improves the service life of the bearing. The process has been continuously improved. In insulated bearings, a layer of 100μm thick coating is provided on the outer ring or inner ring surface, which can withstand a voltage of up to 1000 V DC. The special spraying process can form a layer of uniform thickness, strong and uniform coating, and then undergo further processing to make it not affected by moisture and humidity.

Products include: electrically insulated deep groove ball bearings, electrically insulated angular contact ball bearings, electrically insulated cylindrical roller bearings, insulated bearings with an oxide coating on the inner or outer ring, and hybrid bearings with electrically insulated ceramic rolling elements

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