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Guide Bearing

It is mainly composed of a slider and a guide rail. The slider is mainly used for sliding friction guide rails. Linear guides are also called linear guides, slides, linear guides, and linear slides. They are used for linear reciprocating motion applications, and can bear a certain torque, and can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load. In the mainland, it is called linear guide, and Taiwan is generally called linear guide, linear slide.

The function of the linear guide motion is to support and guide the moving parts to make a reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. Depending on the nature of friction, linear motion guides can be divided into sliding friction guides, rolling friction guides, elastic friction guides, and fluid friction guides. Linear bearings are mainly used in automated machinery, such as machine tools imported from Germany, bending machines, laser welding machines, etc. Of course, linear bearings and linear shafts are matched. Like linear guides, they are mainly used in mechanical structures that require relatively high precision.

There is no intermediate medium between the moving element and the fixed element of the guide rail, but a rolling steel ball.

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