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Yoke Track Roller Bearing

The outer ring of the roller bearing adopts a full complement cylindrical roller bearing with a thicker outer ring wall. The outer diameter surface of the roller has a cylindrical shape and an arc shape, which can be designed to match the raceway surface according to the application. With this outer ring, the roller can roll directly on the raceway and can withstand heavier loads and shock loads.

The combined roller bearing consists of the main roller, side rollers, shaft head and cover plate.

The bearing has a sealed structure and is filled with grease to provide long-term effective lubrication. Users can avoid lubrication. For harsh operating conditions, a channel for replenishing grease can be designed to increase the service life of the bearing. Improper way can also cause the roller bearing to heat up. Run through

Sliding can reduce the wear in the movement of parts, ensure the accuracy of the press, and reduce energy consumption. Lubrication is divided into thin oil lubrication and thick oil lubrication.

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