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High-Temperature Bearing

High temperature bearing is a kind of bearing that can withstand high temperature. There are many kinds of high temperature bearing, according to different needs and different environments, different types of bearings can be installed.

High temperature bearing can be divided into: ordinary structure high temperature bearing and special structure high temperature bearing.

High-temperature bearings are widely used in high-temperature operation machinery such as metallurgy, furnaces, glass, blast furnaces, and painting equipment.

Common structure high temperature bearing: mainly refers to the bearings designed according to the common bearing structure and using high temperature resistant materials such as high temperature resistant bearing steel, etc., mainly including high temperature resistant self-aligning ball bearings, high temperature resistant deep groove ball bearings, etc.

Special structure high temperature bearing: not only the material is made of high temperature resistant material, but also the structure realizes the automatic compensation of the clearance under the high temperature environment, such as spiral spring bearing, etc.

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