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Rotor Bearing

Rotor refers to a rotating body supported by bearings. Objects that do not have a rotating shaft, such as an optical disc, can be regarded as a rotor when it is rigidly connected or an additional shaft is used.

According to the ISO standard, a rotating body supported by a bearing is called a rotor. Rotors are mostly the main rotating parts in power machinery and working machinery.

The rotating part of an electric motor or certain rotating machines (such as turbines). The rotor of a motor is generally composed of an iron core with a coil, a slip ring, and a fan blade.

The main components of high-speed rotating power machinery or working machinery such as electric motors, generators, gas turbines and turbo compressors.

The main rotor rotates at a high speed, and when its speed is close to the critical speed, the shaft produces deflection and deformation. Even mechanical damage caused by resonance. The natural frequency of the lateral vibration of the rotor is multi-level, so its corresponding critical speed is also multi-level. When the rotor's working speed is lower than the first-order critical speed, it is called a rigid rotor, and when the rotor's working speed is higher than the first-order critical speed, it is called a flexible rotor.

The working speed of any type of rotor must not be close to the critical speed. The critical speed of the rotor depends on its manufacturing material, structural form, geometric size, supporting characteristics and other factors.

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